To the following individuals I will forever be indebted

  • My husband. Honda Civic, Hugo Boss…you know what I’m talking about. Thank you for teaching me to love myself. I’ve become a person I had never pictured myself capable of becoming. Without you, I would have never gotten here. You, in every respect, hold my heart.
  • My son and daughter. Two miracles that fill me up and always keep me on my toes. Thank you for teaching me that love is nothing if not sacrifice; for there is nothing I wouldn’t do for either of you.
  • My parents. To this day I cannot fathom the courage it required to get us to where we are. For not becoming bitter despite the trials life unfairly threw your way. For showing me by example, that we must always choose the path of goodness, however hard. I love and respect you both, beyond words.
  • My siblings. Yes, every one of you. We’ve become different people; growing up will do that I suppose. But when I need you, you’re always there. That’s what matters! Each of you is unique, molded by life and circumstances. Each of you is beautiful, vibrant, and full of sun. Continue shining.
  • My Orekhov family. Thank you for not giving up a son/brother but rather acquiring a daughter/sister. I’ve come to love each of you wholeheartedly, and through the years I’ve truly come to know you not as my in-laws, but as family.
  • Our sponsors, and the families who took us under their wing (you know who you are). Thank you for giving of yourselves when you did not have to. In many ways your lives would have been far easier had you looked the other way, but you didn’t. The kindness you expressed, the love you showed towards a refugee family…is priceless. We can never repay you. Thank you!
  • Kevin Anderson & Associates. Cole, thank you for seeing something in my rough-shape manuscript and taking on the challenge. Terry, thank you for the superb job. For diving into the story and showing me the corners I failed to locate on my own.
  • And lastly, my readers. Thank you for taking a chance on a book that could have very well gotten lost in the vastness that is the internet. For hearing the voices of the characters as they were meant to be heard. For rooting on their behalf and sticking with them through their struggles.


To all, thank you.